A firm believer in play-based learning, Ms. Fifie gained a decade of valuable experience at PlayDays Playschool Singapore, where she was the Head of the Centre until they closed their doors in late 2016. She loves watching children learn and discover the world around them through hands-on exploration and is excited to accompany our Little Tykes through their individual learning journey!

Ms. Fifie

(Lead Teacher)

Dr. Vanessa

Little Tykes was founded by Dr. Vanessa von Auer, who started the programme with the aim of encouraging kiddos to break the mould and let their playfulness, energy and interests drive their learning journey! With her background in clinical child psychology, Dr. Vanessa understands that all children learn at a different pace therefore at Little Tykes, the teachers work the curriculum around their interests.


As the Founding Principal of the Integrated International School, her children were the inspiration to start the play-based programme, a place where they feel safe and loved.


Ms. Karishma

With over 5 years of teaching experience in early years, Ms Karishma believes that every child is a competent and capable person, with innate abilities, unique talents, gifts and unlimited possibilities for change and growth that must be nurtured, encouraged, and developed to his/her fullest potential. She love the Little Tykes philosophy, teaching the little ones to “play to learn,” and to “learn through play.”

(Lead Teacher)

Ms. Shanida

Ms Shanida gets excited when creating activities that are innovative and purposeful for her learners. She invests time be it in the hallway, at lunch, in the playground or classroom getting to know and bond with your child. Every child is different. They learn in their own way and at their own pace.
She encourages all educators to get to know their students inside out. In doing so, a powerful community of learners has been developed. It's the greatest reward to see a student overcome a so called weakness and in it's place shines new found confidence that cannot be bought. Children of today are the key to passing on knowledge for generations to come. 

(Vice Principal)